HF/6 meter Active Peak Reading Wattmeter

If you run an amplifier, and especially a solid state amplifier, you need a good quality active peak reading wattmeter. Peak power from your amplifier can actually be up to 4 times more than what a non peak reading (or a passive peak reading) meter displays. If your current watt meter does not require power or a battery to operate it is a passive meter. Overdriving transistors or tubes leads to distortion and failure of the power devices. Needing many good peak reading meters in our own laboratory and manufacturing facility for the development and testing of RF amplifiers, we developed the DWM-2100A family of product and have decided to offer our customers a top quality watt meter technology at a rock bottom price because every radio amateur on HF with an amplifier should have one of these!

The DWM-2104A is an active peak reading wattmeter with simultaneously variable hold time on both the forward and reflected meter movements. This variable delay can be adjusted for quick action for high speed CW, or for longer periods more appropriate for the display of SSB and AM voice peaks. The peak detectors sport a new fast attack design capable of capturing quick pulses such as a single dit. Beautiful industrial design with tri color meter scale and brilliant LED illumination make the DWM series wattmeter a beautiful addition to any station. Individual scale divisions for each power range offer enhanced accuracy comparable to meters costing several hundred dollars more! If you operate high speed CW and SSB and are looking for an accurate, cost effective meter that works right on all modes, this product is for you! Because it is from Dishtronix, you are assured that it is designed for sustained high power operation!

  • DC Grounded Antenna connector prevents electrostatic buildup on your antenna.
  • True Directional Coupler for increased accuracy over frequency.
  • Low Bias Schottky Diode Detectors for increased linearity.
  • Precision, 2.5” (64mm) Cross Needle Meter simultaneously displays forward and reflected power with SWR.
  • Individual Meter Scales for each power range increase reading accuracy.
  • Triple LED Backlighting provides smooth, even illumination.
  • Three Color Scale for improved readability. 20W / 200W / 2000W range with LED Range Indicator.
  • High performance Active Peak Detectors (Patent Pending) accurately captures a single “dit”.
  • Single knob Variable Peak Hold Time (Patent Pending) control simultaneously adjusts meter decay rate of both Forward and Reflected power indicators.
  • Rugged metal cabinet with textured black finish and designer style grey injection molded front panel aesthetically complements modern transceivers.
  • Accuracy 10% (HF/6m calibration) 5% (HF calibration).
  • Mounting Bracket and DC Power Cable Included.



Frequency: 1.5-60 MHz (HF/6m cal) 1.5-30 MHz (HF cal)
Power: 2000W (DWM-2104A), 3000W (DWM-3104A)
Duty Cycle: 100% Continuous Duty at 1500W at 1:1 SWR. Derate above 25° C ambient temperature.
Insertion SWR: Less than 1.2:1.
Accuracy: ± 5% of Full Scale or better (HF cal). ± 10% of Full Scale or better (HF/6m cal).
Input Power: 9-14 VDC 200 mA maximum.
Power Connector: 5.0mm OD x 2.5mm ID Barrel Connector, (center +).
Dimensions: 3.94 H x 8.27 W x 4.33 D (inches). 100 H x 210 W x 110 D (mm).
Weight: 2.2 lbs (1 Kg).



  • DC Power Cable (1 m).

  • Mobile Mounting Kit (bracket, thumbscrews (2), self-tapping screws (2)).




  • DWW12200 12VDC 200 mA Wall wart DC supply for operation from 110V 50/60 Hz AC power mains.

DWM2104A HF/6M Active Peak Reading Wattmeter with Variable hold $219.95

DWW12200 Wall wart power supply $9.95 (included with DWM2104A)